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Artist: Aaron Huey
Title: The Procession of Time

About the Artwork:
Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle
210gsm 50% rag watercolor paper
13″x19″ paper size 
Hand-numbered edition of 250, Unsigned.
Embossed by Heliotrope Foundation. 
The Procession Panel petroglyph on Comb Ridge, in Southern Utah - Ancient petroglyphs illuminated beneath the sprawling Milky Way document an Ancestral Puebloan pilgrimage carved roughly 1000 years before guns, germs, and steel were used to subjugate North America. This image positions us within a cosmic continuum where time is both carved into and collapsed, where the art of ancestors speaks to both spiritual journeys and tangible migrations that have etched the history of humanity into the face of the earth.

About the Artist:
Aaron Huey is a photo-based artist with two decades of work with National Geographic, as well as extensive work with publications like Harper's (where he served as contributing editor and photographer), the New Yorker, the Smithsonain, and many more.  He is a 3 time Stanford Fellow where he has most recently been working on new media models for community storytelling and studying generative AI and data integrity for visual journalism.  Huey's recent photographic work has centered around storytelling in the spatial web, photogrammetry, collaborations with AI, and scanning electron microscopy.  Huey is also the founder and Creative Director of Amplifier.org where he leads the experimental media lab.

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