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  • Amy McCormac

Heliotrope Prints

Amy McCormac



Artist: Amy McCormac

Title: First Meeting

Original Medium: Oil Paint

Year Created: 2017

Edition of 250

Artist Website:

Artist Instagram: @mccormacamy

Artist Statement:

“My older daughter was delivered after 27 hours of labor and a C-section. The nurses showed her to me, and she came across my view like a pink and orange blimp with bright blue eyes that locked on mine. It was a profound experience meeting her for the first time.”

“I paint emotionally evocative moments in my life from memory.  Some of these memories revolve around raising two daughters who struggle with anxiety and depression, and some relate to being raised by a mother with anxiety and depression.  But other memories show joy, frustration, resentment, grief, and the full gamut of family dynamics.  In other words, by showing my life, I am simply showing emotions and experiences that are common to everyone. “

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