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Bunnie Reiss



Artist: Bunnie Reiss

Title: Peach Archetype Volume 1

Original Medium: Acrylic on wood

Year Created: 2017

Edition of 250


Instagram: @bunnieluvrocks


About the Artist:

“This was the story of a year where grief and fear almost swallowed all of us. I began fantasizing about our own special set of Imaginary cells, and how they might be the answer. How our unique and beautiful bug soup could save us all. We could retreat, dissolve, and come out completely new, all the way down to our gooey cellular form. We could go back to the basics of kindness, compassion, a deeper understanding of the human condition, and reread all the ancient books given to us by Mother Nature. This character was part of a series of Archetypes that would learn how to fly, how to communicate just by looking directly into the eyes of another human being. No words, no gestures, just deep understanding, full of warmth and remembering.”


Bunnie’s work is heavily influenced by her Eastern European background, with its tradition of folk art, bright colors and community engagement. Her extensive travels have also added an extra layer of conversation, which make her creations unique. She has shown extensively in both the United States and around the world, in galleries, alternative spaces, bookstores, abandoned buildings, fields and forests, or any place that seems to need a little extra magic. Her brightly colored folk murals decorate many countries and can be found all over the world. Los Angeles, Mexico, Italy, Paris, India, Philippines, Detroit, Milwaukee, New York, San Francisco are just a few places you would likely stumble upon one

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