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Dotty's Disaster Day


About the print:

Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle 210gsm 50% rag watercolor paper
13″x19″ paper size
eHand-numbered edition of 250
embossed by Heliotrope Foundation 


Bio of the artist: 

 "I was born in 1985 on the suburban streets of Dallas, Texas. One day, while watching tumbleweeds pass, I discovered the internet. I saw how pop culture was brainwashing people and since he didn’t want to become “Lady Gaga,” was forced into making paintings. I've painted many a things like murals, hand made wooden panels, canvas objects and high end designer clothing.

I am, in essence, a doodler.  My doodles fill volumes and often crawl out of my blackbooks onto walls and canvases of all shapes and sizes; they have even come to life as fashion lines, pop-up-shops and installations, both in New York and Hong Kong

My work is meant to be an eye-candy color trip through a parallel cartoon universe. These post-Pop cartoons are made up of a cast of questionable characters in a colorful range of sub/urban landscapes.  They ambivalently reference a tradition of 1960s era animation, but with modern day lurkers and shady situations.

Walls of the streets and walls of the Internet have been some of the most influential spaces for me, as far as discovering and sharing art and ideas.  Although never formally trained, I have spent the past several years developing a fine-art practice.  My current practice of acrylics on canvas extends out of my background in graffiti.  Graffiti connected my love of color and painting with emergent underground and subversive art movements. Both graffiti and the Internet represent powerful ways that art can exist beyond the exclusion of commercial and fine art industries."


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