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Ricky Powell



Ricky Powell




About the print:
digital print on archival Canson Mi-Teintes paper
13″x19″ paper size
edition of 250
embossed by Braddock Tiles


Bio of the artist: 

Ricky Powell..Native New Yorker... considers himself as an *Individualist*.. thought he was going to be a gym teacher after graduating from Hunter College in 1985, but, life unfolded in a much, different way... Since 1985, he has amassed a body of work that is certainly unique, if not ecclectic...His love of photography opened many doors for him.....he was the photographer for the Beastie en Boys on the tour for their albums *Licensed to Ill* (1987) and *Check your head* (1992)...Produced and *starred* on his public access show *Rappin' with The Rickster* (1990-1996)...has written/shot regulst colums for magazines such as Grand Royal, Vibe, Ego Trip, Mass Appeal, and recently for the website Frank151 (*Leave the guns bring the cannolis* .. up on line)... Pertaining to his photos, he has lent them to numerous clothing brands for collaborations..he is actually launching his own clothing line for the first ime in Spring 2015 called *The Rickford Institute*
 via Japan..and also designed headphones for WeSC in2010 p and designed sneakers for Converse in 2008 and PONY in 2012..He also entertains with his *World Famous Slide Show* where he tells intimate anecdotes of his iconic images, which is acompanied by one of his mixtapes, titled *The Funky Uncle Park Bench mixtape* (Produced by TheGoodLife! Crew)... Currently (as of fall2014), he is having fun/ thrive*ing in his latest art form..Instagram...he shoots photos on his tablet and accompanies the image with a quirky csption.. to elicit laughter.. that is his goal, to make people em laugh.. *it's rewarding, and a privlige to do so*.. he is TheLazyHustler up on there...He is also shooting with cameras given to him by Lomo /Lomography cameras, and loving it.. He just shot a look*book for #mossclothing that was titled *Sons of Greatness* ,, the models were sons of Jam Master Jay, Big Pun, and Old Dirty Bastard... (also on line)..he can be contacted via his
 website. Rickypowell.com for any inquiries... (signed archival prints are obtainable...)

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